Medicare provides health insurance program for those at the age 65 or older. However, we can help if you are younger and live with certain disabilities such as diabetes, permanent kidney failure, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and more. Medicare plans will pay a certain amount of treatment to reduce the overall costs on you. However, you cannot benefit except you are enrolled in the program. We can enroll you in Part Hospital insurance, Pare B- Medical insurance, Part C-Medical advantage and Part D-Prescription drug coverage.

Part A will help you with hospital insurance to pay for your inpatient care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. What it implies is that your treatments will be paid to some limit by hospital insurance to reduce your total medical expenses.
Part B will pay your doctors’ services and other medical services not covered by hospital insurance. You will be able to see the doctor without paying the whole consultation fee from your pocket.

Part C which is the Medicare Advantage Plans combines those having plans A&B to join part C plan. You will not pay for plans A&B because it is already covered in part A and B respectively. Part D is the prescription drug coverage which pays for your medications prescriptions received from the doctors.

Choosing to sign up for Medicare depends on the type of health insurance you have and your health situation. We can help you to pick any of these plans to avoid enrollment penalty. We can give the best plan that suits family and personal healthcare budget. We will help you to check your employment health care plan to give you the right insurance solution. Individuals with higher income pay higher for Medicare and their spouse. We can give you the plan that suits your family budget to make your payment simple. Your annual Medicare enrollment will be processed with our tools to give you flexible options. We help part A and B clients to complete form CMS 40-B, Application for Enrollment in Medicare- Part B [Medicare Insurance]

Let’s improve your Medicare prescription drug coverage [part D] with an enrollment that is seamless. We will look at your income and fix extra help that can pay costs such as monthly premium, annual deductibles and prescription copayments. We can help employers with the best plan coverage for their workers, more importantly, to avoid enrollment penalty. We can help all consumers with Medicare to obtain prescription drug coverage easily. We have the plan that suits your healthcare needs and that of your family. Let us walk you through to your healthcare freedom.